Top 3 new iPhone apps that makes multitasking/operation much easier –

Before we take a look at the three new iPhone apps, let us quickly list out the usage scenarios that make them attractive. If you have these applications, your multitasking ability will significantly improve.

  1. Users can chat on social media while reading novels. This is possible via a floating window
  2. You can quickly call major apps to search anywhere on the smartphone
  3. When taking a picture, you can pin the exact time

The above are all basic operations on Android smartphones. However, if you switch to an iPhone without jailbreaking, you will not be able to do these. Nevertheless, these apps will enable iPhone users to complete the above operations. It is important to note that these are Chinese applications. Thus, it may not be relevant to some readers. 

New iPhone apps for multitasking

1. Magic Picture in Picture

The principle of this app is actually not complex. It is to make these data into video format so that based on the iOS video picture-in-picture function, they can be placed on the top of the screen. Whether it is PDF, TXT, pictures, videos, or web pages, you can do this.

For example, if you want to read a novel, you can send the novel.txt to the WeChat transfer assistant, and then save it in the file app of the iPhone. At this time, we can open the artifact picture-in-picture and import the novel.txt.

After importing, click “Show Picture-in-Picture” in the App, and we realize the scene of browsing the novel above any App.

In addition, if you want to refer to a few sentences on a web page, you may have to switch back and forth between the two apps. However, with this app, you can pin this web page, or take a screenshot of the web page and pin the picture, so that you can refer to it while typing.

However, due to system limitations, this app still has some shortcomings. For example, the novel does not have a bookmark function. You should probably remember the number of pages when you see it. Furthermore, you will need to use the progress bar to turn the pages next time you read it. Also, the webpage is suspended and cannot be interacted with. You cannot click, turn pages, etc. The app is not free, it costs 8 yuan, and only supports iOS 15. 

2. OneSearch

Another App: OneSearch has a very simple function, allowing you to quickly invoke the search function of each App from anywhere on your phone. For example, it’s the 618 sales event and you need to purchase some items. You can directly search for the items after clicking on “Share” 

Before, we had to note the product then go back to the desktop and open Taobao. Then search for the product. However, with OneSearch, the operation is much easier. Simply scroll down in the pop-up share menu, find and click “Search for Apps in OneSearch”.

Then you can see a bunch of App lists. At this point, click “Taobao”, and the phone will jump to the Taobao App and automatically search for the word you selected. Isn’t it much more convenient?. In addition to …….


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