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These Android and iPhone apps will save you money, download now (Image: GETTY APPLE GOOGLE)

Android and iPhone users worried about the cost of living crisis need to know about a number of apps that can help them through this stressful time. While Fortnite or Netflix may be the go-to apps on your mobile or tablet, there are a whole host of other free downloads on both the Play Store and the Apple App Store that – due to current circumstances – you may end up turning to even more. These applications will help you save money by offering ways to track your spending, earn cashback, find the cheapest prices for petrol in your area and chart how much energy you use.

If you’re on the lookout for Android or iOS apps that can help you with the cost of living crisis then has rounded up some programmes that may help you…


The Emma app is a free-to-download personal financing app whose makers say it can save users up to £600 a year.

The main selling point of the Emma app is the way it helps users track their spending and set budgets. This can be done on a monthly basis or from payday to payday.

The Emma app can also be linked to a whole host of accounts, such as your banking and investments, so you can track all of your ingoings and outgoings in one place. This is all protected by bank-grade encryption to make sure your data is secure.

Plus, as an added bonus the Emma app also offers ways users can earn cashback, helping you get more money into your back pocket.


The Emma app is a money-saving tool which will help you budget (Image: EMMA)

Meter Readings

The raising of the Ofgem energy cap and the spiralling costs of energy and gas bills is a huge concern for many Britons.

News reports have already highlighted people in the UK who are having to choose between turning on their heating or having a meal for the day, or others that are simply left too terrified at the thought of how much turning on their heating will cost and are just doing without.

This week new measures have been announced that will help with the cost of living crisis, but you may already be thinking ahead and looking at ways you can cut back on your bills.

There are apps you can turn to on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store which will help you chart your energy use and see how much money you’ve spent ahead of your bills coming in.

The Meter Readings app that is available on Apple’s App Store is one such option, which lets you closely monitor your household energy and water use and save money.

If you’re on Android, an alternative option is the Meters reading for water, gas or electricity app which offers similar functionality.


Apps are available which help you chart your energy usage like the Meter Reading …….


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