Here is How to clean up the iPhone Apps You Don’t Use – Techthirsty

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Are you also tired of storage and battery issues on your iPhone? And undeniably, this is because of useless apps accumulated on your iPhone over time. Now you want to know how to clean up the iPhone apps you don’t use.

Fortunately, there are more than one methods to remove unused apps from iPhones. Once you figure out those unwanted apps, it’s a matter of …….

Setting shows which iPhone apps are track your search history – Hull Live

iPhone users may want to take heed of a hidden setting in the privacy section of devices that turns off the ability for apps to track your activity, the Daily Star reports. With each phone given a unique advertising ID, apps are able to track your activity across the internet and other apps.

This allows apps to keep an eye on your online activity and tailor personalised ads based on your…….

Troubleshooting tips to stop crashing iPhone apps – Android Authority

With Apple keeping a tight grip on what gets put into the App Store, most if not all iOS apps are extremely well-built and very stable. This means that crashing iPhone apps are a bit of a rarity, but when it happens, you can usually quickly nail down the reason by running through a few troubleshooting tips. Let’s go over them now.

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How to clean up the iPhone apps you don’t use – The Verge

As we use our phones year after year or transfer everything over to a new device, many of us have accumulated a catalog of apps that we downloaded at one point but haven’t actually used in months (or possibly years). Whether it’s a failed social network, the companion app for the smart device you threw in the trash or just Duolingo shaming you for giving up on learning Spanis…….

Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 Now Optimized for Instagram and Other iPhone Apps – MacRumors

Stage Manager on iPadOS 16 is now optimized for iPhone apps on the iPad, letting users use apps made for the smaller iPhone screen as individual windows on M1-powered iPads while using Stage Manager.

With the release of iPadOS 16 beta 3, Apple is now allowing iPhone apps to run as individual windows in Stage Manager. This means popular iPhone apps that have no iPad app, such as Instagram…….