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You no longer need a “Physical book” to read something at this age. If you have an iPhone, you can read any book you want anytime at any place.  You need a reliable app that has your favorite books. And you also have to keep your iPhone charged up with a solid charger; we recommend you to see here the list of iPhone chargers to find recommended ones for your specific iPhone model.  All amped up to start reading your favorite books on your iPhone or discover new books? Keep reading this article as we have mentioned eight superb iPhone apps for book lovers in 2021 and beyond. 


Do you love reading books all the time and want to share your favorite book moments with friends and family? What if you want to become a social media influencer who persuades people to read amazing books? Litsy is the perfect platform for “bookstagrammers” like you.

You can think of Litsy as Instagram for all book lovers. This app allows you to share your favorite quotes from your books and create short posts about books you love. There’s a ton to explore about the Litsy platform, so do give this app a try! 


OverDrive is an amazing platform that lets you borrow books from all genres worldwide. The good thing about OverDrive is that it gives you access to more than 30,000 libraries, enabling you to read books that might be difficult to find. 

Using OverDrive, you don’t have to follow the opening and closing schedules of libraries. The 24/7 availability makes the book reading activity fun and flexible for you. You don’t have to worry about the late fees when using OverDrive, as access to books is revoked once you have reached the time limit.  


Wattpad is a stunning platform that takes the books out of the bounds of paperback books. Using Wattpad, it gets super easy for creators worldwide to get connected with readers directly. It gets easier for you to connect with your favorite writers and share your story without waiting to get approval from editors and publishers. 

This platform also makes it easier for you to join the community of readers who love original stories and want to support extraordinary writers. 


It’s easy to start reading a book, but it can be quite difficult to read it all the way, isn’t it? Leio is the app that makes you responsible for reading books without getting distracted. This reading tracker allows you to find statistics about your reading habits. 

You can figure out how long it took to read a book, so you can finish more books by tweaking your reading habit. Unlocking the premium version of this app allows you to get more insights and enjoy more features. 

Serial Reader

What if you are a newbie who just started to read classic books? Or what if you have been reading books for a long time but don’t want to make reading the “Only thing” you do daily? Serial Reader allows you to read more books without disturbing your daily routine. 

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