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So, you’ve just unpacked a new iPhone, and you’re new to the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a social individual, a music enthusiast, or an active person; there are many apps for you on the App Store. Here is a list of the best applications for the iPhone to use from day one. It is essential to have a good internet connection to download these apps. We recommend CenturyLink. They offer great services and packages to their customers. along with easy Centurylink Español pagos.

That sorted, let us have a look into apps for iPhone beginners.

1. WhatsApp

It’s WhatsApp, one of the most well-known chat apps around and one of the top iPhone applications. It’s fun. It’s free. A lot of your acquaintances might be registered already. It allows you to send chats worldwide, begin group calls via audio or video, and plan gatherings. In addition, it’s cross-platform, which means that friends who aren’t on the iPhone can join the games.

2. Apple Music

As you’re now an integral participant in an Apple ecosystem, it’s time to reap the advantages. One of the best advantages can be Apple Music. With it, you get access to the vast collection of Apple songs. You can stream complete albums in their entirety, make playlists of your most-loved tracks, and listen to new music without needing to purchase it. Also, you can download all the tracks to listen offline.

3. Netflix

Netflix allows you to stream hundreds of movies and TV shows from your iPhone. However, you’ll need an account with this streaming platform. If you’re already watching Netflix films and shows on your television set-top boxes, you’ll certainly be delighted to get the same high-quality content available on your smartphone. There is plenty to stream on Netflix. It’s definitely on the top list of iPhone applications.

4. Dropbox

If you want to keep important files on hand and not take up room on the iPhone, Dropbox is here. It can be used to store everything, videos, music, pictures and PDFs, e-books, anything, and even give it to others without granting the access you have to your Dropbox account. With cross-platform compatibility, all users can benefit from Dropbox if connected to internet access. If you already have a Dropbox account, you can download this application. It is necessary to pay for any storage increase, however. I’ve used Dropbox for a while to do just about everything, and it’s one of the top iPhone apps that I have on all my devices.

5. Lyft

The rideshare application on your smartphone will always be helpful in the event of a trip to a new place or if you’re unable to find an Uber ride from your family or your friends. Lyft provides lower prices than Uber (slightly; however, it can make a difference). There are varieties of rides that can meet your requirements. Lyft is among the top iPhone applications to keep around when you travel frequently.

6. Apple Books

Apple offers its own books app that comes with the iPhone. However, you can install it again even if you’ve deleted it. With Books, you can browse through all of …….

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