iPhone Apps Asking to Track You? Answers to Your iOS 14.5 Privacy Questions – The Wall Street Journal

“Allow ‘The Sims’ to track your activity?” “Allow ‘Merriam-Webster’ to track your activity?” “Allow ‘WSJ’ to track your activity?”

Welcome to the start of iPhone and iPad privacy pop-upalooza. Expect a whole lot more of it in the coming weeks. In Apple ’s next software release, iOS 14.5, apps that track user data for advertising purposes or share data with data brokers will be required to show you a prompt asking permission to track. Some developers have already implemented the prompt, which is why you may be seeing the pop-ups right now.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/iphone-apps-asking-to-track-you-answers-to-your-ios-14-5-privacy-questions-11617800400

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