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Apple has published its app store charts for the year 2021. At the top of the download charts is the CovPass vaccination certificate, which means that no app was downloaded more often by German iPhone users. The controversial Luca app for contact tracking and the Corona warning app, which is intended to warn after contact with infected people and is based on an interface from Apple and Google, follow in second and fourth place.

To the top 5 of iPhone charts in Germany also include the Facebook / Meta subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram. The Facebook app itself only follows in 20th place. Google is represented in the top 10 with YouTube and Google Maps.

The iPad charts are also heavily influenced by the pandemic, home office and school closings: The team communication tools Zoom and Microsoft Teams were downloaded the most – even before streaming entertainment with Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Disney +. Word and PowerPoint are also in the top ten, as is Google Chrome and Spotify. Apple does not provide precise information on the number of downloads of these free apps.

Apple also continues to name the most frequently purchased iPhone and iPad apps in its year-end charts, but such direct payment apps are increasingly becoming a marginal phenomenon. Usually the app download is now free of charge, and bills are made via in-app purchases and subscriptions. The iPhone app most frequently purchased in Germany in 2021 is therefore a speed camera detector, while GoodNotes for handwritten notes on the iPad.

Toca Life World – Apple’s iPhone App of the Year 2021

(Image: Apple)

The apps with the highest sales were originally listed, but Apple no longer names them. The list has been dominated by freemium games that sell in-game currencies such as “jewel boxes”. An internal Apple document from 2017 published in the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple stated that 0.5 percent of users invest more than 100 US dollars per month in in-app purchases – but that means more than 50 percent of total sales bring in.

Apple also honors apps itself every year. As the iPhone app of the year, the company sees “Toca Life World“. Apple’s iPad app of the year is the video editing tool LumaFusion von LumaTouch.


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