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It’s all well and good getting excited about the latest iPhone app and downloading it to your device, but when the novelty has worn off, it’s not obvious to know how to delete said iPhone app.

Maybe you’ve downloaded too many free iPhone apps and are looking to tidy up your home screen. Perhaps you’re trying to make space on your iPhone, spend less time on Instagram, or just have some security concerns and want to part ways with iPhone apps you no longer need. Whatever your reasoning may be, this guide will show you how to delete iPhone apps using whatever version of iPhone’s iOS you are currently on.

Read on to find out how to delete iPhone apps properly, finally, and once and for all.

How to delete iPhone apps on devices running iOS 13 and older

Learning how to delete apps from an older iPhone may sound difficult, but it’s very straightforward. While on the home screen which contains the app you want to be deleted, press and hold (“long press”) on any app until all the apps begin to jiggle. Once the iPhone apps start to move in what Apple calls “jiggle mode,” any third-party apps you have downloaded will then have an “X” appear at the top left of the app icon.

Jiggle those apps away.
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Tap the “X” on the app you want gone to start the deletion process, then tap on “Delete” in the pop-up confirmation window that appears. As the pop-up window warns, be sure to note that deleting an app from your iPhone means you will also delete the app’s data.

How to delete an iPhone app on iOS 14 devices

The iPhone app deletion process changes for anyone with a more up-to-date device running iOS 14. This is because this version of the iPhone operating system introduced the new App Library. This is like a folder that all your apps are stored in.

Within the App Library your apps are sorted into categories automatically. So, your social media apps will all be put into a “Social” subcategory. With iOS 14, when you install new iPhone apps, they’ll be added to your iPhone’s App Library. You can access your App Library by swiping left from your home screen.

How to delete apps from iPhone right from your iPhone’s home screen

With an iOS 14 device, you can delete apps from your home screen by tapping and holding, or doing a “long press” on the app you would like to delete. This will bring up further options. These options differ for different apps. For example, if you press and hold an email app, you’ll see a shortcut to create a new email.

iOS 14 adds a new layer to deleting iPhone apps.
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For basic apps, you’ll see a few main choices, including the option to “Remove App.” Tap this to remove the app from your iPhone’s home screen.

All this process has done however, is to stop the app icon from appearing in your live apps on your iPhone’s homescreen. If you want to delete the app entirely from your iPhone, you need to head to your App Library.

How to delete iPhone apps from your App Library

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