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Are you also tired of storage and battery issues on your iPhone? And undeniably, this is because of useless apps accumulated on your iPhone over time. Now you want to know how to clean up the iPhone apps you don’t use.

Fortunately, there are more than one methods to remove unused apps from iPhones. Once you figure out those unwanted apps, it’s a matter of seconds to remove them from your iPhone.

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How to find out unused apps on your iPhone

It is difficult to name all the unused apps on your device. No one can remember all their names and then start to remove them. Here is a simple method to find out unused apps and their storage space.

Follow the steps mentioned below to find unused apps on your iPhone

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Click on ‘General’ 
  • Choose ‘iPhone Storage’ (now you can see a list of apps along with their respective size)

The most prominent apps will be on the top, whereas the rest of the apps with lesser sizes will follow in the decreasing order. You can check out the date mentioned underneath every app and figure out the apps you do not use. If you have not used an app for months or ages, then why let it consume the space and battery of your iPhone

The iPhone has two further options: to offload the app or delete it.

If you choose Offload, it will unload the application but preserve any data or documents. On the other hand, if you wish to delete the app and its data, then choose to delete it.

Offload unused apps feature to clean up the iPhone apps you do not use

If you are someone who does not want to frequently check and then uninstall the unused apps then the Offload feature is here to save you. Suppose you activate the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ feature. 

It will independently offload the unused apps. But there is no specific information about how long an app should remain unused to get uninstalled. That’s why it is an uncertain feature as well. Once an app is offloaded, you can see a download symbol 

Note: The offload feature will only unload the app from your iPhone. It will not be removed permanently.

In case you wish to download the unloaded data from offloaded apps

Click on the app with a cloud icon > now, your iPhone will automatically resume the backup from where you left off.

Steps to switch to automatic Offload feature

Open your settings > Tap on App store > turn on ‘Offload Unused Apps 

Please keep in mind

Suppose you have specific apps to keep some data hidden in your iPhone. Then do not switch them to offload; otherwise, you will lose all the data stored in that application.

How to delete unused apps permanently on iPhone

May you are not interested in any data of unused apps. In that case, you should delete the unused apps from …….


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