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There are a lot of free/paid iPhone apps nowadays and it can actually be quite hard to cut through the clutter and find the best ones. I especially like apps that make my life easier so I wanted to take some time and share those with you today.

With so many apps available for iPhone and iPod touch, how can you know which ones are worth your time? This list is your guide. These free iPhone apps give you the latest local weather information, a great way to discover and identify music, a tool to learn new languages, as well as a simple parental control app for iPhone users.

1 Duolingo

Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that turns the process of learning a new language into a game. It uses an effective method based on “cognitive science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence to teach you a language.”

 The app uses a spaced repetition algorithm to remember what you have learned and give you opportunities to use it. Its virtual coach adapts to your skills and constantly challenges you with sentences that become increasingly more difficult as you progress. It currently offers Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish (Gaelic), Dutch and English (for Spanish speakers).

Given its effectiveness and efficiency, I think this is a great app for anyone who wants to learn a new language. You can take the placement test when you start the app and it will assign you appropriate levels for each of the languages it teaches. You can also choose to skip levels if you want. It has different courses for different purposes: travel, business or school.

2 Shazam

Shazam is a free app that can help you discover new music, movies and TV shows. You simply open the app and let it listen to whatever is playing—it will tell you what the song is, or identify the show or movie.

Shazam works in a variety of ways depending on what kind of media you’re looking for. If an audio file is already in its database, it can identify it instantly; otherwise, it will match your recording to its library of over nine million songs, and return results in seconds. The app can also identify television shows by their audio even if you don’t have access to the show’s episode. For movies, Shazam will provide information about both the soundtrack and film reviews.

Shazam doesn’t just provide information—it lets you directly purchase items through iTunes and Amazon—great for impulse shopping! It can also share whatever it’s found with your Facebook friends.

3 AirDroid

AirDroid, free on Android and iPhone, takes your device’s capabilities to the next level. It allows you to access files, apps, notifications, and settings from any computer or mobile device.

AirDroid makes it easy to send files between devices, making it useful for photographers who want to take a picture with their phone and then upload it straight to their computer without having to download it first.

4 Dark Sky Weather

The iPhone is a great tool for many things. It’s …….

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